What to Bring

Bring the following with you to the test site:

  1. Identification
    You must present identification issued by your school, employer, or city/state/federal government. Both the name in which you registered, and a clear, recognizable photograph of yourself must appear on the identification. There is a list of acceptable forms of photo identification on the Photo Identification page.

    You will not be admitted to the test without proper identification.
  2. Admission Ticket (Optional)
    Your Admission Ticket confirms (a) that you are registered at the location specified; and (b) the section(s) or subtest(s) of the examination you still need to pass in order to earn a Certificate of Proficiency.
  3. Pencils
    You must bring several sharpened no. 2 pencils
  4. Calculator (Optional)
    All problems on the Mathematics section can be solved without the use of a calculator. If you wish, however, you may bring a battery- or solar-powered, basic, non-statistical, non-scientific, non-programmable calculator for use on the Mathematics section. Test administration staff will not provide calculators or batteries. You may not use a calculator that must be plugged in. You may bring a backup calculator. The calculator must not be in a case or sleeve of any kind, and you may not bring a calculator manual. Test administration staff will make sure that your calculator is acceptable before admitting you to the test room. You may not share a calculator with another examinee. If you bring a calculator, you must abide by the rules related to calculators.

What Not to Bring

The following items are prohibited at the test site:

  • Personal digital assistants or any other types of electronic information devices
  • Unacceptable calculators
  • Calculator watches
  • Electronic pagers
  • Photographic or recording devices
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Music devices
  • Hats and hoods, except for religious headwear
  • Spell checkers, dictionaries, slide rules
  • Backpacks or large tote bags, briefcases, packages or other items that will not fit easily under your chair
  • Notebooks, textbooks, scratch paper, highlighters, or any other unauthorized aids or materials (notes can be made in the test booklet)

If you bring and/or use any prohibited materials at the test site, you will be dismissed and your test results will be voided. While you are taking the test, only pencils, erasers, your approved calculator, and the test materials provided to you will be allowed on your desk or table. Eating, drinking, smoking, and using smokeless tobacco are not permitted at the test site, with the following exception: bottled water is allowed if it has a cap and the label has been removed.

You are discouraged from bringing a cell phone or other electronic communication device. If you must bring one, however, it must be turned off and placed under your chair during the test administration. If you have such a device and it is found to be on, or not put away under your desk, or if the alarm function, ringer, or other noise activates at any time during the test administration (including restroom breaks), you will be dismissed and your test results will be voided.